• Discussion Board: Please direct all written communication for Econ 103 to Piazza (login via Canvas) rather than the instructors' personal email accounts. For personal issues, use Piazza's private messaging feature to communicate directly with the course instructor and your RI.
  • Canvas: We will only use Canvas to access Piazza and display course grades.

Semester Calendar

For a semester calendar, including the dates of all quizzes and exams, please see the last page of the course syllabus.

Course Documents

Please consult these documents before posting a question about course logistics to Piazza: the syllabus in particular is positively brimming with answers to FAQs.

  • Syllabus: This document is the final authority on all course policies.
  • Lecture slides: This file will be updated during the semester to reflect any changes to the course content.
  • How to do well in Econ 103: Advice on the best way to study for this course.
  • Random Variables Handout: handout summarizing the key properties of random variables that we will learn in the course.
  • Optional Proofs for Discrete RVs: additional proofs of some results from lecture. These are optional, but use only basic techniques that we cover in Econ 103. They're well worth a look if you want a deeper understanding of the course material.
  • Optional Handout on Conditional Expectation: extra information on conditional expectation that goes beyond what you're responsible for in Econ 103.


R Tutorials

R tutorials will form part of your weekly homework. Details of which tutorials to complete in which week will appear on Piazza.

Problem Sets

The following problems sets will form part of your weekly homework. Details of which problems to complete in each week will appear on Piazza.

Applied Examples

At several points during the semester we will carry out extended data analysis exercises in class or recitation. The code and data for these exercises appears below.

Videos / Extra Resources

Below are some videos and extra resources I've created in past semesters.

Practice Exams

The following is a complete collection of all exams I have given in Econ 103. All of the questions provide useful practice, but more recent exams give a better indication of what to expect on future exams. I will assign questions from some of the older exams as homework, but we will always leave the four most recent ones untouched so you can practice taking them under realistic exam conditions if desired.

Midterm I

Midterm II